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Hallman Realty is a family business serving both the residential and commercial real estate markets within Waterloo Region. Focused on providing exceptional customer service, we draw on our background in construction, sales, and marketing to deliver an innovative, market-specific perspective for our clients. Unlike many agents who take a transactional approach to real estate, we strive to provide a more comprehensive advisory service to our clients with a long-term view.

Greg Hallman

Greg R. Hallman

Greg was born and raised in Waterloo Region, with ancestors who have been in the area since the early 1800s. Growing up in a family that was active in developing the Region helped spark his interest in the market. He has personally invested in local real estate for almost 20 years and – in addition to a diverse background in business – Greg brings an affinity for architecture and home design to his real estate mindset.

As a knowledgeable and resourceful professional, Greg strives to provide realistic opinions and sound, strategic advice. Drawing on a larger network of industry experts, Greg can connect clients with others’ specialized skillsets to ensure they get the expertise they need to feel confident about their real estate decisions. His philosophy centres around the client, not the deal. Contrary to common misperception, Greg doesn’t believe that real estate assets will always increase in value – therefore, he feels strongly that you need to be strategic about what, where, and when you buy.

Greg currently resides in Waterloo with his wife and daughter. When he’s not travelling or spending time with family and friends, Greg can be found staying on top of the newest local real estate listings and coaching basketball for Special Olympics. He’s always reading about real estate and continuing to hone his expertise so he can serve you best. Greg recently completed the Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investment course from MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning.

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